September 10, 2018

About Us

Pastor Troy Short,
Sandy, Vivian and Trevor!

Broken pieces of clay is what we are, but together we are stronger as we become a beautiful collage.

There are three things I love the most: God, Country, and Family! I cannot express the love of God in any other way except to encourage you to come and experience Him for yourself!

I have served the Lord since my parents took me to Church during those impressionable years as a child. I was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit at sixteen. After High School, I felt God’s call, and His call became apparent in my life, but I was uncertain at such a young age. I prayed and prayed, and felt the Lord nudging me to join the Army. In June 1995 I enlisted in the United States Army. After serving three years I continued to serve in the Army Reserves as Chaplain Assistant for an additional year. While serving in the Army, I quickly discovered that people are broken. Many of us are hurting and need to know we belong, and we need to know we are loved. At Crossroads Christian Fellowship, you belong and you are loved!

After an honorable discharge, I graduated from Valley Forge Christian University in 2003. During my years at Valley Forge Christian University, I volunteered with Pastor Rick Steimling at Great Valley Christian Life Center.  Our first full time ministry opportunity was in Poqouson, Virginia, and then we served in Norfolk, Virginia, and lastly in DC, before I became the Lead Pastor at Crossroads Christian Fellowship on Palm Sunday of March of 2018.

Our family enjoys spending time together; our children are the apple of my eye. I married my wife on June 21, 2003. Sandy is my best friend. I love her, respect her, and cherish her with all my heart. I help coach my children’s teams and participate in any way I can.

I love to fish, watch football “GO EAGLES,” hike and meet new people like you! At Crossroads Christian Fellowship we invite you to become part of our Church family. It won’t be long before you feel at home!

We Teach God’s Word, God’s Way, and follow God’s Will.