September 18, 2018


In 1926, Crossroads Christian Fellowship was called Evna Hereford Assembly of God. The beginning of the ministry was born out of the Full Gospel Church at Monroe and Saratoga streets in Baltimore City, where Edward F.M. Staudt was pastor.  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thomas opened their home for Wednesday night Bible Study. In attendance during those early years were Pastor Staudt, Laura Day, Jean Moore, Ellsworth Miles, Hattie Thompson, Minnie Fry, Walter and Ruby Prince and others. The home was filled with people hungry to know God! Hattie Thompson led worship on a portable organ.

It was not long before others started to attend. The Standifords, John and Joe Costa, Elizabeth Miles, the Thomas family, and Garfield and Ada Wirta were among the first converts. As the Bible study grew the decision was made to move to Clara Wirtz’s home in Sparks. Willie Ensor, Walter and Eurath Ensor, and Charlie and Willis Wirtz were saved.

The Bible Study started to meet on Sundays; many would stay for the morning and evening service. After the evening service, which sometimes lasted into the morning hours, congregants would be so filled with the Spirit on the way home they would stop the car on the side of the road and continue to worship God! It was said members of the Church would make it home to cows waiting to be milked.

Eventually, new believers felt a need to establish a local meeting place, and in 1929, they rented a Grange Hall located at Mount Carmel and Yoeho Roads. Pastor Staudt continued the general oversight; both the Gutmans and T.B Pierce, Sr. shared pastoring duties.

In 1932, a parcel of land two miles west of Hereford, on Mount Carmel Road, was acquired from Laurence Chilcoat. On August 10th, 1932, twenty two congregants were enrolled as charter members. A September 3rd, 1932, letter from the Secretary of the Assemblies of God, in Springfield Missouri, recognized the “Evna Pentecostal Church” as a sovereign local assembly affiliated with the Assemblies of God General Council.

1943 November – Pastor Pierce resigned the pastorate at Evna and started Shrewsbury Assembly. Pastor Gilbert M. Litsinger, accompanied by wife Gladys, became the new Pastor December 1, 1943.

1953 – The balcony was added to the rear of the Church. It is still there.

1954 – The Church name was changed to “Hereford Assembly of God.”

1958 – A new unit for Sunday School classes was added.

1963 April 10th – After nineteen years Pastor Litsinger resigned to accept the call to Glen Burnie, where he served for twenty years.

1963 May 1st – Arthur Beahm, accompanied by wife Marie, began his ministry as the third full-time Pastor of the Church. A parsonage was built on the lot at this time.

1975 – Volunteers demolished the old building in preparation for the rebuild of the Church on Mount Carmel Road.

1976 Thanksgiving Day – A group gathered in the new sanctuary to give thanks to our Heavenly Father!

1980 July 3rd – Pastor Ervin Mason moved into the parsonage with his wife, Alma, and their daughter, Kimberly.

1985 April – Pastor Delbert Miller, accompanied by wife Juanita, from Western Maryland, became the new Pastor.

1987 December 8th – Pastor Blaine McVicker accompanied by wife Betty, became the Pastor.

1991 – The parsonage was sold to Pastor Blaine McVicker to raise money to purchase 9 Acres adjacent to the Church. On October 13, 1991 a “Possess the Land Celebration” was held. Three former Pastors attended. (Pastor Litsinger, Pastor Beahm and Pastor Mason).

1993 – The vision of the church turned to focus on children and youth.

1993-2017 – Pastors Joe Davis and Troy Hart presided over Crossroads Christian Fellowship Church.

2018 March 18th –  Pastor Troy Short, accompanied by wife Sandy and children Vivian and Trevor, became the Pastor.